Prague will place a swimming pool in the Vltava river.

Walking along the Vltava on a hot summer day, it is tempting to jump in. That is, until you see the trash, and perhaps the occasional dead fish, float by. Next year, Prague will solve this issue.

The city will put a new, floating swimming pool in the river. The new pool will provide a clean way to enjoy the summer heat. The pool will go in some time next year, costing around 50-70 million crowns. The final location has not been determined, but the pool will most likely be placed between Palackého Bridge and the railway bridge. The city is also considering building multiple pools, each costing the same amount.

Palackého Bridge Source: Prague City Line
Palackého Bridge
Source: Prague City Line

Currently, the city is looking into two different options for the swimming pool, looking towards other European cities for inspiration. One design inspired by pool in Berlin, and the other by one in Copenhagen. The Berlin inspired pool is simply a contained area housing sanitary water.

Floating Swimming Pool in Berlin Source:
Floating Swimming Pool in Berlin

The other option, inspired by Copenhagen, is an open design, allowing the river water to run through. The Prague pool will filter the Vltava river, cleaning the water as it enters the swimming area. The benefits of the second option are that swimmers can actually swim in the Vltava, as the water is actively cleaned.

One of the Copenhagen Harbor Baths Source: ArchDaily
One of the Copenhagen Harbor Baths
Source: ArchDaily

A portion of the funds has already been allocated for the pools. The pool will be financed from the municipal budget, but the operation will be conducted by a private company. However, the state firm Povodí Vltavy still must approve the project. Prague’s mayor, Adriana Krnáčová, said this should not be an issue, according to an article written

The new pool will add even more variety to the social events happening alongside the Vltava. There are many regular activities, which the pool will add to. There are also pedal boats available for rent, as well as scenic boat tours.