As of 1st April, Wallenstein Garden, administered by the Senate of CR, is open and is free of charge.

This garden is not only a pleasant haven but also is a place of culture as the Senate organises a wide spectrum of cultural events that are generally free of charge. Concerts and performances are usually staged in Sala Terrena adjoined to Wallenstein Palace. The first concert is scheduled for May 13.

The stalactite cave with its aviaries for owls is indeed a remarkable and unfettered combination of imagination and construction – a truly attentive observer will find ingrained faces of people, animals and other creatures hidden amongst the stalactites.

The garden will be open until the end of October.

Completed in 1630, this vast Baroque palace was built as a monument by Count Albrecht von Wallenstein (1581-1634) to himself. The palace’s glory was supposed to overshadow even Prague Castle.

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