If you are successful at interview, you will be invited to training course, than you must secure your place on the course by paying your “Registration Fee” of  €500 (non-refundable).

Ryanair Hostess
Ryanair Hostess

How it work a Ryanair course??

  • You only pay for your training course when you pass the course
  • When you successfully pass the training course, you will need to pay the training fee of€2,599.
  • If you fail the course or you leave the course ,you do not pay any course fees ( only 500€ registration Fee + the stay, 700€ circa)
  • If you pass the course you have ample opportunities as cabin crew with Workforce International Contractors (WFI), subcontracted to Ryanair client
  • If you cannot pay the fee, this fee can be deducted from salary over 6 months


Source : Dalmac Recruiment & Aviation service