Weather over the next few days will be hot and stormy due to a warm front coming from the southwest. Tuesday, May 30 there is both a warning for extreme heat and thunderstorms later in the evening around the Czech Republic, according to the Czech Hydrometerological Institute.

Temperatures will reach up 30° celsius on Tuesday, which will be accompanied by heavy thunderstorms in the evening, with the potential of high gusts, heavy rain, and possibly hail as well. The warm front originating from the southwest will be confronted by a cold front from western Europe.

The weather warnings for extreme heat and thunderstorms covers Prague, Karlovy Vary, Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Central Bohemia, South Bohemia, Vysočina, Ustecky Kraj, and Pilsen. The heat warning is expected to last from 14:00 to 21:00, and the thunderstorm warning from 16:00 to 3:00, according to AccuWeather.

In addition to extreme weather warnings, the ozone in the Czech Republic is notably depleted, which can lead to an increase in ultraviolet radiation. Because of the heat and low ozone levels, it is recommended to avoid excessive sun exposure and physical exercise, as well as stay hydrated. Drinking caffeine and sweet beverages can also lead to dehydration.