This week temperatures will be above average for February, according to the forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Center.

These higher temperatures will be accompanied by strong winds and heavy rainfall which could cause flooding in some regions. A spokesperson for the Czech Hydrometeorological Center said: “A warm Front, will arrive here on Tuesday. In mountainous regions, there will be a sharp melting of the snow, which will raise the water levels in rivers. The working week will be warm, but the weekend it will be cooler.”

Tuesday and Wednesday will be around 8 degrees along with heavy rain. The weather Center has warned of strong winds, which will reach speeds of 90 km / h in the mountains and in the lowlands – up to 75 km / h.

Thursday, according to meteorologists, will be the most unpredictable day this week: with powerful gusts of wind, intense rainfall and high temperatures – up to 12 degrees.

On Friday, the colder weather will begin to return. The maximum temperature will be 7 degrees. At the weekend it will be even more cold, freezing in the morning and in the afternoon is the thermometer will only go up to 5 degrees.

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