From June 10-11 is Prague’s “Weekend of Open Gardens.”

The event is designed to raise awareness and appreciation for gardens and the art of landscaping. “People have the opportunity to explore the normally inaccessible gardens, but also to discover their favorite parks in a new way,” according to Prague’s tourist portal.


The different gardens will have programs and tours to provide information about the spaces and their design. There are currently 17 gardens partaking in the event, however, it is likely more will join. Some examples of gardens that have already committed to the event are Garden Jelica, Bohumil Garden, and Starka Academy Garden. You can see a full and updated list of participating gardens here.

Garden Jelica Click on the image to learn more
Garden Jelica

The gardens consist of both of privately and publicly owned properties, as well church gardens, and public spaces. The gardens are also broken down by style and heritage. The garden styles include urban gardens, historical gardens, community gardens, modern gardens, and more.

“In the last year, 180 open-air museums and 41,457 visitors took part in Weekend Open Gardens. With every site that has been registered, the public’s awareness of the richness of Czech garden and landscaping is increasing,” according to the event’s website.

While many of the locations are free, “Open Gardens” is a bit misleading, and some will have entrance fees. Instead, open refers to the fact that many of these gardens are usually inaccessible. This weekend is designed to make that access possible, according to Prague’s tourist portal.

Troja Chateau: Ghateau Gardens Source:
Troja Chateau: Ghateau Gardens

Due to the nature of the event, anyone can apply to host their personal garden by filling out an online application. The event is also looking for volunteers as guides, organizers, and more.

The project has been successful, also according to Prague’s tourist portal, stating that the idea originated in the UK, and has spread across Europe. You can learn more about the event by visiting their Facebook page.