Technology companies are looking for native speakers and others for the position of IT help desk operators. They are interested in applicants that speak English, German, French, Spanish and even Turkish. Help desk operator is an undemanding position with flexible working hours.

Have you moved to the Czech Republic, would like to earn some money but are not proficient in Czech? You can work as a support employee on the telephone for an IT company. Many international technology firms have offices in the Czech Republic and need native speakers to support their employees and clients. Try a job in which you will be in contact with Czech colleagues but can still speak your native language.

Technical support or help desk works on the principle of a passive call centre. Client support involves taking calls from customers experiencing problems with their equipment or software. You can also assist the company’s employees, with whom you will sometimes be in personal contact.

To perform this job, you need to have basic technical skills. If you understand computers and can rate yourself as at least a slightly advanced user, you are qualified to work as an IT help desk operator. Once you complete initial training, you can start helping your first clients.

You needn’t fear: technical questions typically repeat and you will quickly acquire experience in solving problems. More complicated requests are recorded in the computer as an unresolved task to be handled by the IT Department. Of equal importance is having patience and the ability to listen to others. You must formulate your thoughts in a simple manner.

Monthly salaries begin around CZK 25,000, in Prague at about CZK 30,000 and more. An experienced help desk operator can in time earn up to CZK 45,000 (gross income) a month. Some employers even offer work on shifts and flexible work times. As such, you can work full- or part-time depending on your possibilities.

Current openings for help desk operators are available on the Experis website: open positions.

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