The Czech Photo Centre’s new exhibition “Our World Is Beautiful” is showing now until 8th October. It showcases some of the best entries from a worldwide competition, CEWE. The competition is open to everyone, amateur and professional photographers alike, asking them to capture the beauty of the world around us.

Under this umbrella theme, the celebration of our world, the competition is split into five categories – Sport, Nature, People, Landscapes and Architecture. With entrants from across the world, it produces a diverse display of photographic excellence.

Some of the most captivating images (shown below) include Maciej Przeklasa’s intimate portrait of a farrier lighting a cigarette on a red-hot horseshoe and Klaus Lenzen’s capture of that perfect moment in which a group of swimmers’ limbs are sprawled creating a dynamic pattern in the water. In addition, Ágnes Dudás’s minimalist photo of a swimming pool is particularly mesmerising, winning the prize for the Architecture category.

Also, don’t miss the David Černý sculpture outside the centre. An imposing structure that is half camera, half eye-bot and watches over you as you walk underneath it!

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