At the beginning of next year, a new office complex will appear in Prague, near Pankrac metro station.

We’re talking about the Main Point Pankrac by PSJ Invest: a total area of 24,500 square meters. Main Point Pankrac consists of five interconnected elements over ten floors offering a range of amenities to improve the work environment, such as rooftop gardens and panoramic elevators providing a view of the surrounding area, as well as sustainable solutions that lessen the need for artificial lighting, lower noise levels in the workspace and better equalize internal temperatures.

According to PSJ Invest, this will be the first building in the world that ‘sucks up’ smog: “The special façade and other parts of the building, eliminate smog and harmful particles in the atmosphere. This building can be compared to a park with hundreds of trees,” says Jakub Jirka, PSJ Invest project manager.

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