Ever wondered which nationalities are the tallest? Of course not. But we’re going to tell you anyway.

The map above shows 98 nations color coded according to the average height of its male residents (no reliable data is available for those countries that appear in grey). It will surprise no-one to see The Netherlands at the top of the table. The Dutch are well known for their lofty stature.

The world’s 10 tallest countries

  1. Netherlands – 1.838m
  2. Montenegro – 1.832m
  3. Denmark – 1.826m
  4. Norway – 1.824m
  5. Serbia – 1.82m
  6. Germany – 1.81m
  7. Croatia – 1.805m
  8. Czech Republic – 1.8031m
  9. Slovenia – 1.803m
  10. Luxembourg – 1.799m

The world’s 10 shortest countries

  1. Indonesia – 1.58m
  2. Bolivia – 1.6m
  3. The Philippines – 1.619m
  4. Vietnam – 1.621m
  5. Cambodia – 1.625m
  6. Nepal – 1.63m
  7. Ecuador – 1.635m
  8. Sri Lanka – 1.636m
  9. Nigeria – 1.638m
  10. Peru – 1.64m

As for average female heights, the picture is similar.


The Netherlands is still number one (1.699m), and Denmark, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Norway, and Croatia remain in the top 10. Indonesia, Bolivia, The Philippines, Peru, Vietnam, Nepal and Sri Lanka, meanwhile, are still among the shortest states.


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