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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

You Know Naplavka’s “Bicycle Lanes”? Well, They’re Not For Bikes

The entire raft along Rašín nábřeží embankment has two lanes, which on a daily basis you might see a cyclist and pedestrian have a near-incident. Cyclists show dissent to passers-by if they hinder them, but the cyclists are mistaken: they are actually in the pedestrian zone.

Summer temperatures have arrived in Prague, which increases the activity in the city. The popularity is seen on Rašín’s waterfront, especially at weekends. The two paved stripes logically attract cyclists, as they prefer to ride on a more pleasant surface by the river.

“Coexistence between cyclists and pedestrians is a very complicated problem, which lies mainly in consideration. To this particular place, it is necessary to emphasize that this is a pedestrian zone where pedestrians prefer. It is necessary to refute the myth that the central stones are a lane for cyclists. In terms of horizontal traffic signs, the marked strip for cyclists looks different,” Jan Čihák, spokesman for Prague police officers, said.

In the course of the season, the management company places information boards on Rašínova nábřeží, which highlight the above-mentioned facts. Further modifications are currently not planned. “We believe that the way to resolve possible conflict situations is rather an appeal to mutual respect and good behavior of all who move on to the influx than other regulations,” added Jan Nejedlý.

“On a general level, it is possible to say that the officers rarely resolve the disputes between cyclists and pedestrians, as well as between mums with prams and doggies. If people were more respectful, there would be less disputes,” concluded the municipal police spokesman Jan Čihák.