The capital city is preparing a pilot project of the website where people will be able to send suggestions, complaints, and compliments to magistrates, and private operators, about public transport, the state of roads, road signs, cycling paths etc.

In the first phase of the project will involve primarily TSK, ROPID and Prague Public Transit Company These three institutions last year handled over 35,000 complaints and questions from citizens. It is hoped that with the new website, complaints will reach the appropriate places faster.

Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Transport Petr Dolínek’s team are preparing the project. He said: “People have mainly not had to deal with the organization that their complaint is about. Today, you have to wade through a variety of links and web pages then you’d choose exactly where to send this message. It is difficult to predict exactly where your complaint should go. It now ends. People will be able to send all suggestions in one place and it will quickly reach the relevant institution.” Councillor Dolínek will be on the website once a month o to discuss with citizens.

Councillor Dolínek will be on the website once a month to discuss with citizens.